Vidyarambam-Pre-primary education

The Problem:

Rate of dropout from school is very high in the rural regions of Tamilnadu and in few places; the kids won’t even go to school from the beginning.

The Opportunity:

Identify these kids in the villages and provide them with necessary coaching and information so they can be mainstreamed in school and remain in school.

The Solution:

Providing remedial coaching for nursery through 5th grade students in government schools in remote villages in Tamil Nadu, so as to improve their learning and retaining skills.

Vibha Involvement:

Vibha has been involved with Vidyarambam for last 5+ years. Vibha has supported most of the centers in Nagapattinam and Cuddalore districts of Tamil Nadu.

Project Progress:

• Selecting about 20 children in each centre and appointing qualified and enthusiastic tutors, Vidyarambam have so far launched 1981 Pre-Primary learning centers (52689 children) and 1613 Support Course centers (31226 students).
• Through Children libraries, Vidyarambam has reached 56,000 children who have made 3,45,000 borrowings of books.

• In this, Vibha has been involved in 60+ centers over the last few years, specifically in Nagapattinam and Cuddalore districts. The project supported by Vibha in these districts now has 4 components -- pre-primary center, remedial course junior center, remedial course senior center and library.
• From last year, the project has also added a Toy Van component that goes to government schools where the Vidyarambam beneficiary kids study and teaches them how to learn while playing.

Funding Information

Funding Year : 2017

Total Required : $21173

Still Needed : $20473

Active Campaign Targets: $0

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