Project Location Kanakapura District, Karnataka
Project Strategy Supplement Public School System
Organization Sivasri Charitable Trust, Founded 2001
Project Coordinator Mr Prasanna V. R
Organization Website
Project Status Active
Vibha Funded Component All 1500 schools in two districts of Chitradurga and Devanagere
Beneficiary - Age 5-12 years
Beneficiary - Socio-economic Background Public school students (children of low income families)
No of beneficiaries 124000
Cost per beneficiary per year ~$ 1

Vibha – Sikshana Journey (2006-2017 and continuing…)
Sikshana is the best example of the validation of Vibha’s core philosophy of identifying scalable and replicable models.

In 2006, Vibha identified Sikshana as a replicable, scalable and sustainable model to bring transformation in the public education system.

In the first two years of partnership, Vibha helped Sikshana expand from 45 schools to 130 schools, by supporting a total of 56 schools. In 2009, Vibha tested the "Replicability" in a neighboring state (Andhra Pradesh) through another Vibha project (GORD). Vibha followed it up with a 4-day workshop where 21 other NGOs from all over India got introduced to the Sikshana model. By 2013, Vibha was supporting about 185 schools. Vibha’s nurturing over the years has empowered Sikshana’s growth by showcasing the scalability of the model to other foundations.

Vibha supported Sikshana’s efforts to experiment different strategies to further optimize the model. A direct result of such partnership is the current Accelerator model, which was first implemented in 2016 entirely through Vibha’s funding in one full district of Davanagere. This successful experiment resulted in the recognition of the model by the State Government of Karnataka, which further expanded the model to two full districts of Davanagere and Chitradurga. In 2017, Vibha is supporting this expansion.

Vibha also drew the attention of a number of Corporations in India and USA- Yahoo Foundation, Broadcom foundation, Birla Copper, Cognizent Outreach, Volkart Foundation, EMC , Amazon India as potential partners and associates. Vibha is heavily investing in Sikshana and also plays a key role in identifying and facilitating partnerships.

As of 2017, Vibha invested close to $800,000 in Sikshana and reached more than 200,000 children.

The Problem: Poor motivation at different levels leading to lower graduation rate in public schools
Most states in India are suffering from poor educational attainment among students. For example, 66% of class 7 children in Karnataka & 68% of class 7 children in Maharashtra have been found to be unable to do class 2-3 arithmetic, and 38% of class 7 children in Karnataka & 62 % of class 7 children in Maharashtra to be unable to read class 2-3 level of reading. This is time and again confirmed by the ASER (Annual Status of Education Report) published by Pratham Foundation.

The biggest reason for such situation is poor motivation level in parents, students, teachers and in some places Government officials as well. There is a vicious cycle at work here where the parents are not interested in enrolling or ensuring attendance of their kids resulting in students not giving value to engaging & participating in school resulting in poor attendance which really demotivates the teachers and the motivation level of teachers play an important role in the behavior of Government Officials.

The Opportunity: Government of Karnataka has allowed individuals and organizations to adopt public schools.
Recognizing the need to transform the learning environment in public schools, the Karnataka government has instituted a progressive policy that allows organizations to adopt schools to improve the infrastructure and teaching methods.

The Solution: Sikshana adopts public schools to improve graduation rates.
Sikshana has continuously evolved in their model. The current model of Sikshana is called“Prerana” aimed at improving motivation levels of students and teachers so that better learning outcomes can be achieved in Government schools. The four components of the Prerana program are:

(1) Engagement incentives: Students will be encouraged via the low-cost but high perceived value of a Star in order to create excitement about attending and participating in school. They will receive the Stars in multiple colours for developing positive habits including good hygiene, regular school attendance, class participation, and co-curricular activities.

(2) Visual and Tangible Progress Reports: Today, students receive their progress reports at the end of the year and in the form of letter grades (A+, B, C, etc.). To complement this, we propose to provide a visual representation of their progress in the form of a Learning Map. Students have to build out the map using colour stickers that they will be awarded continuously for mastering concepts. In schools currently supported, the Foundation has seen that students are finding such a visual representation of their progress to be attractive and motivating.

(3) Student Clubs and Peer Learning: Research has shown that peer-learning can be an effective complement to classroom teaching. The Foundation’s work in schools currently supported has indicated the same. Students are more likely to admit to their peer that they do not know a concept and also to persist in pushing each other to learn and to explain. As part of this program, peer-learning relationships will be established and the progress will be monitored by leaders in each class. These leaders will be organized into a Student Club in each school, and the Club led by a President. The Club will provide an opportunity for high-performing students to gain leadership skills.

(4) Modular practice materials: Students are more willing to attempt and to engage when they are tasked with “bite-sized” modular practice materials. These will be in the form of small practice booklets that can be completed in a short span of time. Modular materials also make it easier for teachers to track and recognize progress.

Sikshana has also developed an extensive software based Monitoring & Evaluation system called “APT” (Analytics, Process and Tools) platform which is currently being implemented across all the areas where the Prerana program is running across Karnataka. This platform provides a hybrid (digital and paper based) solution to gather inputs from schools, analyze the data in the backend and provide a Dashboard for the Education Department officials to manage the schools both in terms of usage of the inputs provided and the eventual learning outcome in the children. This software is designed to be integrated into the Department Software System and all the relevant nodal officers at the district, block and school level along with the department IT team will be trained by Sikshana Foundation on how to input data and use the dashboard for effective program management in schools.

To monitor the effective usage and implementation of the Prerana program the APT platform will be integrated into the Department Software System. All the relevant nodal officers at the district, block and school level along with the department IT team will be trained by Sikshana Foundation how to input data and use the dashboard for effective program management in schools.

This project looks to change the face of the public education system in Karnataka to ensure that the children attain their right to education.

Funding Information

Funding Year : 2018

Total Required : $54535

Still Needed : $54535

Active Campaign Targets: $0

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