Samavesh - Creating an Urban Base for Education Quality (CUBEQ)

The name Samavesh signifies integration and amalgamation in a very wide sense. Samavesh thus stands for the coming together of ideas, approaches and people in the effort to build a more equitable, economically strong and democratic society.

Samavesh was registered as a Society in Delhi in August 2003 to work in the sector of development and governance. Development and governance must provide the preconditions in a society that are required to support people’s primary needs and their efforts at empowerment. People, especially the most vulnerable sections, need to become socially and economically empowered to push for principles of equity and social justice, and to establish in practice the values of participative democracy.

Samavesh has been set up to help create an environment in which vulnerable sections of our people, especially from amongst tribals, dalits and women can strive for a more equitable and democratic society.

Funding Information

Funding Year : 2019

Total Required : $31840

Still Needed : $31840

Active Campaign Targets: $0

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