CTF-Let's Have Fun and Frolic (LAFF)

The Problem:

Underprivileged children lack cognitive and social skills.

The Opportunity:

The municipal schools, hospitals, slums and construction site workers have embraced the unique modality of community reach-out for children from low socio-economic status

The Solution:

Utilize the power of toys and games to enhance their cognitive and social skills.

Vibha Involvement:

Vibha funds LAFF mobile, toy games and Staff

Project Progress:

• Overwhelming positive response from school teachers, hospital staff and parents on the progress of children.
• Very high impact project and deserves being reproduced in many more places. Vidyarambam, a Vibha funded project has already implemented this.
• Mr. Desai has demonstrated a good track record of both setting up toy libraries and aggressively seeking funding for them.
• This concept also has the potential to improve school performance of the target group.

Funding Information

Funding Year : 2019

Total Required : $18048

Still Needed : $18048

Active Campaign Targets: $0

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