BCT-Tribal Schools

The organization provides quality education for about 200 children in the age group of 6 to 15 years old, through skill oriented, single teacher schools in 20 tribal villages. These schools run in the Golugonda Mandal of Visakha District. The students under this non-formal skill building education system will be linked with the formal schools run by Integrated Tribal development.

The Golugonda and Koyyuru mandals are mainly inhabited by Bhagaratha, Valmikie, Konda Kammari, Phojulu, Purajalu, Konda Dora and Gadaba tribes. Some of the members of these tribes have migrated from adjacent State Orissa to these Manadals in search of employment. The occupation of these tribes is shifting cultivation, rain fed agriculture & allied activities and non timber forest produces. Since they are migratory by nature, the children have often not been to school. This programme will try to ensure that these children are integrated into formal schools.

Funding Information

Funding Year : 2018

Total Required : $10855

Still Needed : $10855

Active Campaign Targets: $0

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