Society for Education and Action (SEA)

The Problem:

The way of life in fishing communities forces children to enter the workforce sometimes at a tender age of 10 and drop out of school. The problem is exacerbated by the non availability of quality teaching staff and low teacher/student ratio in Govt. run schools (Four teaches conduction seven classes).

The Opportunity:

Government schools allow SEA to appoint additional teachers, provide training to the teachers, and to conduct Motivation Centers in the school classrooms after the school hours.

The Solution:

1) SEA has been running 14 motivation centers for children providing after school hours supplementary education. In addition to that, SEA also helps children to improve their potential by involving them in drawing, painting, drama, songs, and handicrafts.
2) SEA conducts Bridge Courses to motivate working children to continue their formal education. The initial emphasis is on getting proficient in reading, writing and mathematics which will then allow them to find it easier to continue their education by joining the government schools.
3) Every year, during admission season in June/July, SEA organizes enrollment rallies and makes sure that all 5+ year old children are enrolled in First Standard (First Grade).
4) To improve the quality of Education, SEA has appointed 11 additional teachers through Parents Teachers Association in 4 Government schools. Currently, these government primary schools have just two teachers managing 5 classes. SEA provides short-term teacher training to these candidates.
5) SEA provide Summer camp for students to learn English and get proficient with operating computers.

Vibha Involvement :

Vibha supports 6 motivation centers, bridge courses and 5 Parents Teachers Association Teachers. Vibha also coordinates the interaction between SEA & NEST allowing them to work closely and ensuring that best results are achieved from teachers training & use of study material.

Project Progress:

• Motivation centers are helping students in their studies, development, and to continue education.
• Extracurricular activities conducted by SEA in these motivation centers allow these children to show their talent & learn new things.
• Bridge course enables drop outs to get mainstreamed in Government schools.
• Teachers provided by SEA in government schools allow all classes to have teacher.
• Now with SEA & Children, parents also take part in Enrollment Rallies.

Funding Information

Funding Year : 2019

Total Required : $15252

Still Needed : $15252

Active Campaign Targets: $0

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