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  • Raj Bandekar $1000.00
  • Salim Thanawala $880.00
  • Rajeev Rajpal $500.00
  • Gaurav Kumar $500.00
  • Devan Salem $500.00
  • Shyam Gursahani $500.00
  • Ajay Agarwal $500.00
  • Anonymous Donor $500.00
  • Asmita Singh $425.00
  • Honoring Nisha Mathur $250.00
  • Milly Parekh $200.00
  • Honoring DIMPLE KAPOOR $200.00
  • Ajay Agarwal $185.00
  • Arshad Kagalwalla $175.00
  • Abbas Bootwala $100.00
  • Ami Patel $100.00
  • Keyur Shah $100.00
  • Anonymous Donor $1.00
  • Hosmer Angel Olivera Diaz $1.00

NY_NJ Vibe_2017's Fundraising Page

About Vibe

Vibe is a Black Tie Dance Show event aimed at raising funds for children in need with the participation of New York and New Jersey community leaders and local celebrities, coached by the best choreographers in New York and New Jersey.

The eminent personalities would be dancing for a cause, paired with a partner of choice, and cheered on by friends and family. Winners will be announced for various categories like Best dancer, Highest fund raiser, Best costume and others.

Why Vibe

Vibha has several fundraising events throughout the year like DreamMile and Vibha Cricket. But this is our cultural fundraising event and is tied to the participation of local leaders, in order to create more visibility to the cause of Vibha.

This gives an opportunity to a community influencer:

  • To put in time and effort for a good cause, and to be directly associated with a Vibha project, forming a personal connection to fundraising instead of pure sponsorship.
  • Media coverage and publicity for their ventures, at both personal as well as professional levels.
  • Networking with other prominent personalities
  • And most importantly, to celebrate giving with family and friends.
Here's how you can be a part of this wonderful cause: